Rob's History

  1. 2014 1-9-2014
    Sold Agri-Nutrition Consulting.  The Pro-Shop is now my full-time business.
  2. 2013 1-29-2013
    Got a 300 with my Motiv Primal Scream in the city tournament singles event. Only ended with 759. For as few league and tournament games I bowl yearly, any 300 is welcome! 4-15-2013
    Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop won the scratch team title at the 2013 Wisconsin State Seniors in La Crosse posting a score of 2800. The team consisted of Rob, Dave Shaw, Dave Erickson, and Bill Leidich.11-26-2013
    300 in 2nd game of Senior Masters with my Motiv Primal Rage (17).
  3. 2011 3-14-2011
    Just a note on USBC 2011 Tournament at Reno: The Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop team did not perform up to expectations in team event shooting only 3040. I had a 570 with no carry. In minors we all did better with Joel Carlson leading the way, and in the All Events lead with 2164. We were, at time, 2nd in All Events with 9600 plus. I was able to perform well in singles with a 749 using a Hammer Taboo playing 18-20 board. I finished well my last game of doubles with this ball also, and my partner and I had 1350 (Thanks Ed Reiss for the 730!!!). The shot played very similar to what we have been putting down at our lanes.  31 consecutive years.  I’m retiring from the USBC tournament.
  4. 2009
    – Finished 3rd in the first ever MBA Master tournament on 1-11-09 with a 299 and 2-300 games on the day. Not bad for an old guy! Finally I get past #13 and going right to 14!
    – Finished the year off right with a 300 the last game of league at Dream Lanes on December 29. 
  5. 2008
    Won both scratch and handicap division Doubles in the Madison Bowling Association City Tournament with partner Bill Leidich, 1531 scratch, an all time MBA doubles record! Also, Bill and I were the top scratch team in the senior division with 1452. I was the high scratch bowler in senior AE and, we also had the high scratch team with Mark Habich, and Bud Frye (4 man).
  6. 2007
    Selected as an Outstanding Alumni for the schools of Ag, Biology, Life Sciences, and Industry at UW-Platteville
    Agri-Nutrition Consulting, Inc. has its best year ever and celebrates its 20th year anniversary.
  7. 2005
    Expanded and remodeled the Pro-Shop.
    Completes 25 consecutive years bowling ABC Tournament.
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop sponsors 6 teams at the USBC National Tournament.
  8. 2004
    Salvaged out the Pioneer Lanes at the Student Center at UW-Platteville where his bowling career started.
    Installed two of the used AMF 8270 pinspotters at Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop and Lanes.
  9. 2002
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop #1 finishes 19th at Billings, MT ABC tournament
  10. 2000
    Inducted to the Madison Bowling Hall of Fame with a Madison Bowling Association composite average of 219.7 for the 15 years he had bowled in the Madison Association, the highest average at that time for an inductee.
  11. 1997
    300 Game at ABC Tournament in Huntsville, AL in the doubles event.  This was a very high participation year, yet the lowest in 300 games with only 17.  I used a Columbia Pulse playing 5th arrow.
    Selected as an Outstanding Alumni for the School of Agriculture at UW-Platteville.
  12. 1994
    Two bowling lanes were completed at the Pro-Shop to better serve bowling customers.
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop #1, ABC Team finishes 8th at Toledo, OH
    Team members: Terry Norton, Bruce Herreman, Scott Lindsey, Joel Carlson, Rob Bailey
  13. 1991
    Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop #1, ABC Team finished 2nd at Toledo, OH
    Team members: Terry Norton, Todd Clantanoff, Kevin Peirce, Chris Gibbons, and Rob Bailey
    Rob and Susie are married and Gregory Conner becomes Rob’s step-son
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop moved to its current home just north of Sun Prairie
  14. 1989
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop #1 finishes 19th at Wichita, KS ABC Tournament
  15. 1988
    Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop #1, ABC team finishes 3rd at Jacksonville, FL
    Team members: Terry Norton, Mike Sander, Rich Abboud, Joel Carlson, and Rob Bailey
    Won 3 scratch Tournaments in a row at Waunakee, Stoughton, and Northgate where he averaged over 260 for 8 games on the day. This was before the organization was called “MAST”.
  16. 1987
    In July I started Agri-Nutrition Consulting, and left the PBA after 10 years to concentrate on this new dairy consulting business.
  17. 1986
    Rob had his best year as a Regional PBA member, finishing 7th in the Midwest Region.
    Started Rob Bailey’s Pro-Shop in 1986.
  18. 1985 
    National Sales Manager for Maddy Nutrition, Inc.
  19. 1984
    Sold Bowlers Unlimited Pro-Shop (Towne and Country Lanes, Burlington, WI) in 1984 and moved to DeForest .
    Started bowling in the fall at Prairie Lanes with John Rortvedt, Pete Yelk, and Dan Chesemore. Other team members over the years included James Bailey, Joel Carlson, and Todd Steckelberg.
  20. 1983
    Promoted to Divisional Manager with Agri-King.
  21. 1981
    Had an 820 series and 300 game at Towne & Country Lanes (Columbia Yellow Dot), February 5. At that time the 820 was the highest recorded series ever in Racine County.
  22. 1980
    Bowled first ABC tournament in Memphis, TN, with Larry Smith as doubles partner.
  23. 1978
    Joined the PBA, and set a PBA record in my first game as a pro by bowling a 300 at Don Carter’s Lanes in Rockford, Illinois on May 20, 1978, using a Brunswick Manta.
    Formed Bowlers Unlimited Pro-Shop at Towne and Country Lanes in Burlington in the fall of 1978.
    High league average in 1978 was a 236 at Lake Geneva Lanes.
  24. 1977
    Promoted to Regional Manager for Agri-King
  25. 1976
    Moved back to Burlington, Wisconsin in the summer of 1976, (where Rob graduated from High School in 1970).
    Started bowling in many of the tournaments in the Milwaukee area including the Wisconsin Non-Pro Bowlers Tour, Bowling with the Champ’s, Wisconsin State Match Play tournaments, and State Tournaments.
    Area manager for Agri-King, Inc.
  26. 1974-76
    Attended South Dakota State University-Graduate School in Dairy Science.
    First game bowled in league at Prairie Lanes in Brookings S.D. was a 299.
    An SDSU bowling team was formed in 1975 where Rob bowled with future ABC/USBC teammates Terry Norton and Bruce Herreman.
    Teammates Scott Lindsey and Joel Carlson also bowled on the SDSU team after Rob left.
    Drilled his first bowling ball in Mitchell, SD in early 1976.
  27. 1970-74
    Stared bowling career at University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and soon made the college bowling team and lettered in bowling in 1973 before it became a club sport
    Graduated in 1974 with a BS degree in Animal Science.


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