Equipment We Use

Here at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop we pride our self on having all of the latest cutting edge technology the bowling industries has to offer. Including the machines we use, to the polish for the bowling balls. We test and use only the best products that we feel will give you the cutting edge you need to bowl that perfect game.
Power House Ebonite Mill Drill
Will drill oval thumb holes perfect every time.

Kaufman Ball Scale k
Known in the business as the best scale ever made for accuracy and perfection. Its all we use!

Powerhouse Hook Again Service Center
Pulls oil out of bowling balls old and new

DBA® PhoenixS
A programmable lane oiler that allows us to keep the lanes consistent and equal.

Haus Resurfacing Machine
Will remove nicks and track area from bowling balls keeping them perfectly round at all times and giving your ball new life.

Abralon Sanding Pads
The best sanding pads made for bowling balls. is used even by bowling ball companies.

The DeTerminator
Designed by Jayhawk, in cooperation with leading bowling ball researcher Mo Pinel, the DeTerminator gives pro shop operators previously unseen insight on a ball before drilling it. The DeTerminator will locate the exact position of the mass bias on the surface of the ball and show the ball’s relative motion. It is also the ONLY tool available to accurately locate the mass bias on a plugged bowling ball.

Pro Lane™

Patented lane markings and board lines, durable, solid phenolic construction, full-lane glow, and lifetime delamination warranty make Pro Lane the industry standard for lane replacement. Pro Lane’s natural wood appearance adds richness to any center, its target-friendly marking system improves scores and keeps your bowlers coming back for more.

  • Innovative board lines create zones for easy targeting.
  • Alternating light and dark boards run the entire length of the lane and provide bowlers with targeting support and add beauty and richness to every center.
  • Downlane markings, a Brunswick exclusive, assist bowlers in improving scores by establishing break points, making adjustments to conditions, and converting spares.
  • Wide, textured approaches move seams away from slide area and provide consistent sliding conditions for more confidence in every shot. Cosmic-ready glow from the approach to the pin deck provides the brightest and longest-lasting full lane glow surface in the business.
  • Anti-skid pin decks reduce sliding pins and provide higher scores.
  • A lifetime warranty against delamination assures you of quality and security.
  • Pro Lane is designed to provide easy, no-shutdown installation any time of the year.


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