Cost of Drilling

What Goes Into the Cost of Ball Drilling

Evaluation of New Customers

  1. Watch customer bowl
  2. Determine Positive Axis Point
  3. Observe Axis Tilt, Axis Rotation and Ball Speed
  4. Observe Ball Release, Approach, Form, Set-Up, Arm Swing
  5. Determine “Shortest Stave in the Barrel”
  6. Look at current grip and ball layout and correct weaknesses
  7. Comprehensively measure for a new grip

What Goes Into the Cost of Ball Drilling

 New and Existing Customers:

  1. Keep accurate records and measurements of existing equipment of each customer on file with continuous updating.
  2. Check existing span, grip and layouts routinely.
  3. Help properly select equipment with the right pin positions for the layouts recommended and desired.
  4. Spin asymmetrical balls on the D’Terminator to verify accuracy of marked PSA or MB.
  5. Use the dual angle layout to be able to repeat drilling patterns.
  6. Use the Storm layout system for pin and psa buffers and to implement the 2LS Layout syste
  7. Explain various layouts and what they will do.
  8. Accurately measure and scribe span cut lines.  Get measurements to the 1/64th of an inch.
  9. Use high end mill drills which are calibrated routinely, with electronic pitch gauges to accurately repeat drilling.
  10. Use Oval Thumb Holes set at the angle for your thumb.  There are no round thumbs!
  11. Use only high quality VISE thumb slugs and grips
  12. We use VISE IT (Interchangeable Thumb technology) where needed.
  13. Weigh balls for static weight to make sure they are USBC legal when necessary.
  14. Make sure bowlers have the opportunity to try equipment out before they leave the shop in case adjustments need to be made.
  15. Change surface of balls when necessary and make surface and pad recommendations.
  16. Help set up a ball arsenal when needed.
  17. Include any adjustments at no charge if necessary.
  18. Help customers with warranty work if needed.
  19. Guarantee all of the work we do.

If you have a concern about anything, please get back to us ASAP! Any business that is not made aware of, or not allowed to address and correct a problem, cannot be held responsible.   We may not be able to please all of the customers all of the time, but that is our goal!

Almost 50% of our gross margin goes to taxes, insurance, inventory costs, materials, utilities, lane maintenance, etc.

It is our goal to charge no more than we have too, but enough to keep our business running and profitable.  If any business cannot make a fair profit for very long, the laws of business will produce the following:

A cut back on services and quality of work
Less time spent on each customer
A loss of interest in doing the best job for each customer
A failure to pay for cost of goods, rent, loans, insurance, etc.
A failure to keep up on the latest technology
An unprofessional place of business that is cluttered and disorganized
Inability to pay sales or income taxes
A failed business


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