Current Perspective on USBC Extra Hole,
Static Weight Rule Change


Static weight rule and the elimination of extra holes:

Static Weights:  The rule on static weights allows us 3 ounces of imbalance on fingers/thumb, top, or side weight.  On heavier balls with big weight blocks this does not affect ball reaction.  On spare balls where the addition of 3 ounces of negative weight may help the ball go straighter, or balls with a very low weight black differential, or very light balls, this amount of imbalance will definitely change ball motion.  Try rolling balls down a kids ramp and turn the ball different directions and if there is an imbalnce on these types of balls, you will see the difference.   As I wrote in the May, 2009 issue of BTM, there is no difference from 1 ounce to 3 ounces of imbalance in ball motion with new modern equipment having powerful weight blocks.  This makes it much easier to do layouts on balls with asymmetrical weight blocks where the mb (psa) is positioned to the right or left significantly.  It also saves a lot of time weighing balls and reduces the need for pin-out or pin-in balls whether they have asymmetrical or symmetrical weight blocks.  It is nice to not have to drill an extra hole for static weight purposes.  Also, almost none of the new no-thumb layouts would be legal without a 3 ounce rule.

Extra Holes:  It saves a lot of time not having to drill extra holes, but it greatly reduces the ability to fine tune balls with symmetrical weight blocks.  We used the D’Terminator to spin balls symmetrical weight block balls after drilling, and before and after the drilling of an extra hole, and one could easily see the change.  Most holes we drilled were under 3/4 inch.  You could change the drilling angle 15 to 20 degree’s with a 3 to 3.5 inch hole, giving most bowlers the same advantage with these symmetrical weight block balls as they would have with an asymmetrical one.  We could watch bowlers and make a decision to make a ball stronger or weaker.  This is no longer an option.

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