Before buying online


There are many things you can buy over the internet that make sense, but bowling equipment isn’t one of them.  You lose potential warranty and you may not get the proper pin and weight you need.  Most balls purchased over the internet that come in here have undesirable characteristics that we have to figure out how to deal with.

Also, you will pay $25 to $35 more!  We sell the balls to you for cost and add on our drilling charge.  We place several orders a week and stock over 300 balls.

Don’t give the online retailers and extra $30 or $35!  They do not support Pro-Shops!  We will still drill the ball you purchased over the internet as we make the same amount regardless, but Pro-Shops do lose out on any rebates based on volume because of this, so in the end it costs you and the Pro-Shop to buy over the internet!

Exceptions:  discontinued balls, seconds, or an individual seller that is losing money.  We have also run into stolen inventory.  If in doubt, call us first and we will be the first to tell you to get it if it’s below our cost!    You can check our inventory through this website.







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