They Said It

Rob:  Amanda, heard you had another 300?

Amanda:  I did!  I used the Jackal LE.  I’ve been in love with this ball!  Since I have used it, I have had 6 -700’s but now my average is up to a 219…not sure if I like that!

Amanda Vander Bunt

HI Rob,

256-290-259 = 805  Motiv Revolt Havoc 11-29-16

You certainly drill a mean ball!!! Thanks again, you’re a genius!

Jill Doucette

Hey Rob,

Just thought I send you and email,  I bowled in a small tournament with the new Jackal LE. I shot a 799 (280, 278, 241)! Love the ball,  but I need to work on my 7 pin as I missed that for my 800.

The women’s part of the tournament was separate from men, but I beat all the men!

Thanks so much,  You’re the best!  I’ll need a light oil ball soon, So I’ll be in touch!

Amanda Vander Bunt  (Zimmel)

West Bend, WI

Rob, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the time you spent with Laura and I, getting our new bowling balls.  We are so excited to show them off at our league on Saturday!  Monte is also super-anxious to try out his new one.  We have practiced twice already since he got it on Monday.  I think you will be getting a couple more Oregon folks after they hear us raving about our experience!

Take care.  Teresa D H

Hi Rob,

Just a quick note to let you know the Hammer you drilled for me a few weeks ago just scored a 700.  It is reacting just as I had hoped…when it starts rolling “downhill” the pins explode.

Thanks to you and Gregory!



Threw my Swerve FX in a tournament last night and right out of the box I shot 236, 300, 268 for 804. Thanks again for drilling a perfect ball!

John Lehan

Rob – Just wanted to say thanks again for the quick turnaround on the Motiv Revolt Havoc, especially given the busy week. All the stuff has been great – threw my first 300 with the Motiv Octane this past week. It’s been a great add to the bag!



Hello Rob,

I just wanted to let you know, you drilled up another “MOTIV GEM” for me.  The new Paranoia is INCREDIBLE!!!  So SMOOTH and it just never quits.  It reads the lanes very well and the continuation is amazing.  I took the surface down to a wet 2000 grit before I even threw it in league, so it would start up a touch earlier.  It took NOTHING  away from strength of the backend.  First time I used it was last night (3-10-16).  Shot 746!!!  Great start with a new toy!!!  Only hoping for better the rest of this season.  Another great ball from a great company!  Way to go MOTIV!!!

Thank you!!!

Daniel Rapp

Hello, Rob! I hope this e-mail finds you well.

My name is Tamara Bradley and I am good friends with Missy Fischbach. She brought me to your shop in November so I could get my first ever ball. You hooked me up with a fingertip ball and did a great job with drilling it to fit me perfectly. My average at the time I was in your shop was about 136. It’s now up to 151 in league play.

I also participated in the Women’s State Tourney this last weekend in Neenah/Menasha and I wanted to let you know I rocked it and it’s all because of that ball! Across the nine games, I averaged 190. A friend and I are in first place right now for Doubles with about a 60 pin lead over the team that was in first. I am in third right now for Singles. What a great weekend! Then last night it was back to league bowling and I bowled a new personal best of 231. Wowza!

I just wanted to write and thank you so very much for your attention you offered when helping me with my first ball. I’ve been telling everyone about the great work you do and I’ll never go anywhere else. Thank you so much and I will definitely be back!

Take care!!!

Tamara Bradley, Beaver Dam, WI


Just wanted to sent you a thank you for your help in selecting and drilling the Motiv Jackal for Candace last Summer.  She used it today at Ten Pin for the BYBT, and shot a 299 game and ended up winning the tournament!
We really appreciate the time you spent with each of our daughters too.  Kari had the highest average on her VITERBO bowling team and as you know Candace was the top Girls Varsity high school bowler for District 4.


Karen and Steve Kipp

Thanks Rob for working with me and giving me some great advice. After fitting and recommending my new Roto Grip Menace, my first 3 league games with the new ball were 247, 234, and 205 for 686. It reacted just the way I wanted it to!
Alan Statz

Hey Rob, I guess every dark cloud has a silver lining.  After I broke my IT thumb slug, I took my backup slug and re-taped it.  I got it feeling pretty good.  I shot 216, 300, 300 last night.  Back to back 300’s in games 2 and 3.  25 in a row total from the 11th frame of game one to end the night.  I’ve had 797 3 times.  This was my first 800 series.  Game 2 I used the Motiv Jackal.  After that 300, I switched balls to the IQ tour pearl for game 3 and shot 300 again.  All 25 shots were in the pocket.  No Brooklyn strikes or anything through the face.  A couple of trip 4’s and a couple of light mixers.  Thanks for setting me up with the best equipment and layouts!

Rob,  I had a rough start to the bowling season, with another back surgery, and my average dropping to the 170’s.  The last four weeks I’m re-gaining my form and have bowled 3 high 6’s and last night bowled my second career 300 with a 724 series!  The Hammer Curve is working great, but will have to start talking about something new. Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

Dan Rekowski, Antigo, WI


I had to share this with you.  My 2 daughters and I won the Dream Lanes 3-person Tournament this year in Madison.  I asked John Bisco, tournament director, if he knew of any past tournament championship teams made up of a father and two daughters.  He replied “not to my knowledge”.

Our scores were:  Erica – 552 (152 average) (that new ball you did for her did very well – she won $500 in this tournament and won $376 in Women’s State-finished 5th in AE, 27th in doubles and 15th in singles), Wendy – 602 (184 average), myself – 751 (207 average).

Paul Beckman

Rob, just wanted to let you know that over the last 9 weeks of the season I averaged a 243 with the new Motiv Cruel Intent I won at the city tournament and you drilled for me.  Can’t complain with that!

Andy Wright


I do want to thank you though for drilling the Octane for me.  I have been averaging around 224 ever since I got the bowl, I was previously around a 208 average.  I really like how the Motiv balls roll and react on the lane.

Nick Cleaver

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to say thanks for picking a great ball and drilling it perfectly! Since valentines day, I haven’t shot less than a 600, except one series at state. Last week, I had a shot at my first 300, but left a 8 pin on the first ball in the 10th giving me a 279! I also had a 729 series that night with my first game a 192 and last a 258. My average has gone up 9 pins so far too! It’s been a couple years since I’ve been bowling over a 200 average consistently for over a month. (League average is a 187 now) So thanks again! I truly appreciate the time you take to get the job done perfectly! I love the Jackal!!! The colors aren’t so bad after all! Ha!

Take care!

Missy Fischbach

Rob and Greg,

Thank you so much for taking time with me Saturday. I practiced some more today with my new fit and I love it. I would like to have two more balls to compliment the one I have (Motiv Revolt Vengeance). To keep the cost down and because I’m a Radical/Morich fan, am thinking I will have you plug and red rill two of my balls. Because you all do such s good job with thumbs, I see no need to do the switchable kind.

Again, thanks for your help…


Mr. Rob Bailey,

I just wanted to THANK YOU for drilling up my MOTIV ARSENAL over the past couple years!  This year alone, I have thrown  2-300 games, and have more games over 250 and series over 700, than I have ever had in a single season.  The 300 games are the first 2 of my career!!!  The first one came my very first week of league using my Cruel Intent.  The second came about mid-season with my Primal Rage. Very pleased!  It is very nice to have a Pro Shop that has duplicated the fit up so accurately on every ball I have.  I cannot find any difference switching from ball to ball to ball. (Especially with the odd shaped thumb that I have)  Also understanding what I want when it comes to layout and ball reaction.  I am hoping to have more success with my newest addition, the Jackal.

Thank you again,

Dan Rapp     (MOTIV-ated!!!)


I see on LinkedIn today that you are celebrating 29 years at Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop!  Wow, pretty amazing…congratulations!  You’ve built quite an impressive legacy, reputation, and history of great service to so many bowlers.  So you’ve got 12 months to think ahead and plan for something special to commemorate 30 years in the business.  Let’s think about that and do something fun!

I’m very thankful to be one of the many bowlers you have positively influenced, and even more grateful to call you a good friend!

Love ya man!



Thanks for refitting my eqyuipment.  I have bowled my highest series ever, and have had ten 700 plus series this last year!

John Newman

Hey guys, I was just in on Saturday morning and had the Hammer Widow Legend punched out.  I bowl two nights a week and shot a 708 straight from the box last night.  I couldn’t be happier with the product and service.  I will for sure be a repeat customer.  Thanks again

Cody Clark


I was in to see Rob last Wednesday.  I ended up getting the Motiv Octane.  I bowled a 744 (243, 278, 223) last Thursday in the Thursday Thunder League at Ten Pin.  The Octane is a little too aggressive on the back end for Friday nights.  I bowled with my Vital Sign and shot 691, with a 187 first game, 268, 236 were the other 2 games. 

I ‘have another teammate’ is looking for a new ball.  You should talk with him to replace that old ball of his.  I was joking because my other 3 teammates on the Thursday night team have all gotten Motiv balls from Rob’s shop.!


Nick Cleaver


On the Motiv Revolt Vengeance:  I shot 707 in league tonight.  I only left 4 seven pins.  I got a little slow 3 times and got splits, but this ball does exactly what we were trying to accomplish—it goes long and then makes a strong move to the pocket in the last few feet. Twice I came in light and took the seven pin out with the head pin that came across off the right sideboard like a bullet.  I can honestly say that is the best ball reaction I have ever had.  Thanks for your help. This ball really is a step up for me on the Super Bowl condition.


Hi Rob,

I bowled the Mast tourney at Bowl A Vard yesterday, it was a challenge condition.  It was the 2014 USBC nationals team pattern.  I think there was alot of house shot left under that pattern,(the cut was +91) it played more like a very oily house shot, but you could not get away with pulling it a little.  Used the Forza all 4 games(201,227,238,223) nice smooth move to the pocket up second arrow, I did have a couple boards miss room to the left.

It’s still said that spares are important and I proved that. My only open frame was a missed spare in the 10th frame of the last game, missed the cut by 2 pins.

With the great turn out of 75 they paid out 17th to 19th places, so I cashed.  Mark McDowell bowled great, I think he was using the Covert Vengeance.

This was by far the best I have bowled in a tournament so far this season, I think the great reaction and predictability of the 2 new Motiv balls are really helping to get the confidence back in my game!



Hi Rob,

Used the two new Motiv’s in league today at Watertown Bowl North(synthetics).  First game with Forza-279, left a 10 pin on a light mixer. Stayed with the Forza second game, some issues with carry and a pocket 7-10 got me 193.  Switched to the Shock last game for 257, a nice 729 set.  A good two ball combo!

Thanks Rob,


Hi Rob,

The first game with the polished, reorganized ball: 10 clean frames for 205, and a 579 series.

Whoo Hoo!!!

Please allow yourself to accept the fact your skills and kindness have resulted in an extraordinary impact on me and my family. You have done a really cool thing.

Kind regards,

Chuck Manser

Hey Rob,

Just wanted to drop a line to say I’m loving that Motiv Venom Shock just like you figured. First league game with it saturday was a 280! Followed unfortunately by 185 with a open 10th, and a 197 that had some splits for a 662. Not a bad first night considering I was shooting at a 212 avg.

Thanks again!

Gary Kaul Jr

Jeff Richgel’s Blog:

Our teams will have one significant change this year.

We still will have our same 10 guys, but Marc McDowell has signed a deal with MOTIV after several years with Ebonite.

The 1992 Bowling Writers Association of America Bowler of the Year and PBA Tour leading money winner will make his public debut with MOTIV balls in the Village Lanes Golfers League on Thursday.

McDowell, who described himself as “super excited” about the move to MOTIV, also is switching back to Vise for the company’s switch grip thumb and vacu-finger inserts.

He was a long-timer Vise staffer when he was a standout on the PBA Tour from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, winning five PBA Tour titles, including the 1992 Firestone Tournament of Champions.

McDowell made the move to MOTIV through Rob Bailey and his pro shop as Bailey has been a big advocate of MOTIV.

MOTIV made a big splash at the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling late last year, finishing behind only industry leaders Storm and Roto Grip in number of players making the TV finals.

McDowell also has five PBA Regional titles, two USBC Eagles and several near misses, and six Wisconsin State Tournament titles.Our teams will have one significant change this year.


I thought you appreciate the emails between Scott Wilbur (President of Motiv) and myself.  Wow, super refreshing!  I’m definitely feeling God’s hand at work here.  If I had 1% doubt and hesitation in making this change it’s now completely gone!

I also wanted to thank you for suggesting and encouraging this move to Motiv, and for your ongoing support.  You are a good friend and a good man!

Sincerely,  Marc

From: Scott Wilbur 
To: Marc McDowell
Subject: Motiv Staff

Wow!  What an awesome testament to the power of God working in people’s lives.  You are obviously an incredible individual on levels that great bowling doesn’t even begin to scratch.  I am very very proud to be associated with you and thank you for representing us.  I also think I should step aside and let you take over!  You have that “gift” where you will always succeed and those around you will as well.  It is an honor and a blessing that you are working with us.  Now I really know why Rob was so excited to have you wearing and throwing MOTIV.  I think that you will find that our equipment is modeled after making our lineup the “Mark McDowell” of bowling ball brands!

….I’m glad for my relationship with Rob, bringing you, Motiv and I together also.  I am truly blessed and thankful.  I want to assure you and insist of you that you always do what is best for your career and for those who count on your opinion.  If we are the best, support us, if we are not, let us know where we fail and move your allegiance to the best option in your opinion.  You are a leader and you must lead in the direction you believe in, not where others (me included) hope you lead.  I will always support this and you. 

God bless and thank you for becoming my friend and helping our (you are now part of “our”) business,  Scott Wilbur

Roto Grip Defiant Soul does it again, Rob!  804 with a 289.  Excellent choice for me, thank you!  Larry Beranek


You said I should let you know if something good happened after you refinished my Motiv Primal Rage and fit me for my new Roto Grip Hyper Cell.  Well, at the risk of jinxing myself, I am three for three on 700 series since I left your shop. 710 with the Primal Rage, including a 278. Then 713 and 705 with the Hyper Cell, including a 300 this morning in the MARBA at Dream Lanes. So far, so very good! Thanks again for your outstanding help.

Al Indermuehle

Greg, I wanted to quickly drop you a word of thanks! As I had indicated previously, yours was the only shop to return my call, and boy am I happy that you did! Previous to having a ball fitted properly, I was all over the lanes and struggled to get above 140 with any consistency. On my way home on Saturday, I swung in to Deforest to throw a few practice games. I wasn’t exactly lighting the lanes on fire, but I did manage to squeak out a 192 on my last game which was a more than marketable improvement.


Steve (who came with me to the shop) and I decided to take our families out bowling yesterday afternoon to get some practice in before league. My last three games consisted of a 184, 260, and 186. The 260 is the very best game I have ever thrown! While I know I cannot attribute it all to the equipment and the fitting, it most certainly has a lot to do with it. I’ve never been so comfortable at the lanes and am really looking forward to getting things dialed in! Thanks to you, I will never be able to go back to having things any other way.


It was Greg that Steve and I worked with on Saturday. We both had a wonderful experience and genuinely appreciated his professionalism and the time that he took to make things right. We will both be recommending your shop with pleasure and again can’t thank you enough!


All the best,


Tom Leatherberry

Well, Rob, 49 years of bowling led me to the Roto Grip

Defiant Soul you chose for me last October. Four months

later I have my first 300 game!  It seems quite surreal as I didn’t

believe it was possible!  It’s been the best ball I’ve ever used!


Thank you!

Larry Beranek


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the time that you spent with my son Anthony and me on Saturday.  Your level of patience and professionalism was something that I have never experienced in my 30+ years of bowling equipment procurement.  I am really looking forward to league tonight so that I can put this new ball to work!

I will definitely do what I can to spread the word as to what you bring to the table for anyone looking for a new ball!

Todd Smith


Not only are you an exceptional bowler (congratulations on your most recent 300 game), but you must also be a very skilled ball fitter to be able to help me improve my game and gain confidence in my new equipment.

Thanks again for helping me select the new Motiv Primal Rage bowling ball. I have used it five times so far and recorded two 700 series with it, including a 300 game today in the MARBA league at Dream Lanes.

Al Indermuehle

Dave and Rob,

Thanks Dave for helping me pick out the Encounter bowling ball on October 21st.  I have used it several weeks and I am getting used to throwing it.  I bowled a 279 with it last night.  I left the 10 pin first frame in the 10th, but it hit the pocket with a chance for a strike.  I had a little bounce when the ball hit the lane and thus left the 10 pin (like Dave discussed with me, when trying out the new ball on your lanes).   I had a strike after the spare and started the next game with a strike too.  Close to a 300, and now ready and looking forward to another 10th frame opportunity.


Thanks again for your time and help in selecting a bowling ball that was right for me.


Tye Moen

Thanks, Rob, for choosing and laying out my new Roto-Grip (Defiant Soul).  Good drilling by Steve.  I shot 773 with a 280 on the second night of using it.  Lots of pin action which is uncommon for me!


Larry Beranek

Rob,  I brought a Storm Victory Road from your shop last october 15th.  At the time my league average was 153.  Well, i ended up the season at 169, and averaging 173 since i purchased it!  Yes, it took some time for me to get the feel of the new ball as you told me it would.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for spending the time to analyze what I was doing and to steer me in the right direction!

Ed Gryzynger

HI Rob:

Just a quick note to let you know that the Motiv RaptorTalon that you set up for me back in mid January has really started to work great.  It took a couple weeks to adjust to a line I had never really thrown before, but in the last three weeks, I’ve had three 700s along with a bunch of high 600s.  I had one stretch of 19 consecutive strikes in a tournament.

I’m still learning with it and am looking forward to even better results.

Take care and keep up the good work.

Dennis J. Breunig

Sauk Prairie


I just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy about the Ebonite Challenge bowling ball you and Dave drilled up for me. It does exactly what I wanted for a ball to do on oily conditions. The ball is awesome!!!! I used it last weekend in a tournament and scored very very well with it. I could only use it for the first game and ½ in each set, before the lanes broke down and it hooked too much to control. I used it the night I got it, in league on Wednesday night, 233 out of the box. The lowest score I’ve had so far with it is 228. The ball literally explodes the pocket!! Hit the pocket square and there is no pins left. You and Dave put your heads together and have given me exactly what I wanted and need for oil. THANK YOU. The ball fits like a glove too.  For a change, I’m actually looking forward to bowling at State this year, which we are going next weekend. I know I now have something that should work on those conditions.

Thank you again,

Terry Teasdale

Hey Rob,

Thought I’d give you another update on the greatest ball ever. Since the last time we talked I’m pretty sure I’ve had nothing but 700’s. Probably 5 270 games just 1 strike away from 300, haven’t got a 300 yet. Last night at Village I had 790 (247, 277, 266) so I’m pretty sure by the end of the year I’ll get 300 and 800 thanks to that ball you recommended. I’m sold. Go Team Motiv!


Dan Horgen

Was able to use the D Soul for all 3 games last night…played a couple boards inside and moved my feet left (basically a 4-2 move) and it worked well. Carry was very good…fairly forgiving…and strong! Ended up with 685 (231-216-238) out of the box.
Thanks again!
Scott Packel

Rob, just an FYI….279-300-222 for 801 Wednesday night!!!  The ball had some more back end!  Unfortunately the carry down ( and my being a bit too excited after the 300) caused a bit of a letdown the last game but I think we made the right choice for the ball.

Thanks for all your help!!  Start thinking about what you’d recommend for something that hooks more than what I have.

Bill Borchers

Just sending in an email to let you know that even though I have been using this ball for a while, I believe that the drilling on my Nano did the job to allow me to be consistent and bowl my first 300 game and 800 series. I had a total of 30+ strikes in route to the 836 series with games of 246-300-290 in the Tuesday Senior Masters League!

Many thanks!

Richard Guth

Hey Rob,

Since drilling the Motiv Raptor Talon, the bowling scores I’ve had the first three weeks at Dream Lanes on Friday have been, 760 (280), 695, 759 (278).  That’s the best three week span I’ve ever had in my life by fa! . In a year where my average was 10 pins down to 204, the Raptor Talon has brought my game back better than ever. It hooks 5 more boards than any other ball I’ve ever had and I have a Virtual Gravity Nano. It also hits harder than any other ball. So with the added hook, I can pick up the speed and have a lot more forgiving shot with pin action.  Best ball ever, and I’m on the Motiv band wagon!


Dan Horgen

Hi –


Gregory asked me to send an email with last night’s bowling scores –  I normally average about 185.  I had 199, 180, 236 =615 last night.  I concentrated on my new thumb positioning.  It felt comfortable.  Before, when I didn’t hold it right, I yanked it hard to the right.  I am very pleased with the first 3 games on the new ball.  Many of the bowlers that had sent me to you, promised me that I would be happy and very much approve of the ball that was recommended to me.

(Gregory recommended and drilled a Hammer Taboo Black Jet)

Thank you very much.



Hi Rob,

Love the new ball (Track 300A). I had 716 tonight with a 278 game. I had some room to the right and when I missed right I carried. Thanks to Dave for the great drilling which wasn’t easy because of the different grips. The tip you gave me about opening my shoulder was the best. I felt confident all night hitting my mark and you know what confidence can do.

Thanks, Bill Van Dyke


I just wanted to drop you a quick note, thanking you for all the work you have done with my equipment, and the advice that you have given me in improving my game. The balls fit fantastically, no problems what-so-ever. They fit like a glove and I don’t have the “death grip” feeling anymore. The changes you suggested in my bowling style have been taken to heart, and they are a radical changes that have taken some time to get used to. The last couple weeks I’ve been very solid and consistent, and I’m feeling very comfortable. The hand positioning being more under the ball on delivery has taken time for me to get accustomed to.  I only bowl one night a week as you know, but I strive to be very competitive.  I had mentioned to you that my goals this year were to throw a 250+ game and a 700 series.  I accomplished the 250 game in the Senior City Tournament.  Last night I proud to say that in the Lake City league at Bowl-A-Vard, I rolled my 700 Series. This is only the second 700 series I’ve ever had (lots of 680’s and 690’s). It’s been probably 15 years since my first 700. I owe it all to you and your expertise plus the time you and Dave Shaw have spent with me to improve my game. Thank you so much!

Terry Teasdale

Note on Theresa Frosch coaching and lessons:

Hello Rob…

I just wanted to make a few comments regarding a lesson my 8 year old daughter recently had with Theresa…

I was worried about her taking lessons because my daughter can be very shy at first with people she doesn’t know…

Theresa did a fantastic job of relating to her and making her feel comfortable. She used references from other sports my daughter played to help her understand their similarities to bowling and how the same muscle memory she uses in those sports also applies to bowling. I had tried several times to help her myself with walking up to the line with the ball, to no avail. In an hour Theresa had her walking, comfortably, and she was able to keep repeating, over and over…

I’ll definitely be bringing Michaela back for another lesson with Theresa…
Thank you!!
Matt and Michaela Riege

Hi all,

These guys are the best!  I went there today to get a ball and they treated me like family. No bs, the best customer service I think I’ve ever had anywhere.  If you bowl and need/want new equipment these are the guys to go to.  I can’t say enough about my experience there, worth every penny!

Nate Krey

Hi Rob


On September 10th I had 300 game with Virtual Gravity you drilled for.I had a 751 series.

On October 1st I had a another 300 game, part of a 718 series.  That also was with Virtual Gravity.

On October 16th I started with leaving a ten pin and picking it up. I then had 26 strikes in a row for a 290,300 and 232 for 822!  These scores came with the Nano which Greg drilled for me.

I am having to raise the bar because I have already reached my individual goals for the season and it has only been 7 weeks!

Thanks for the great equipment and workmanship.

Rick Burright

Hi Rob

Kelly and I would like to thank you for taking the extra time working with us. We really enjoy bowling and having the right ball and using the correct form is the key. We look forward to visiting you in September for a lesson.  Kelly says:  “Thank you again for all the help with the bowling balls and the coaching.  We really appreciate it.  You definitely go above and beyond in your work and it pays off.  We will continue to send people your way.”   

Have a great Day!

Terry and Kelly Kuhl

Little Bears Child Care, Waterloo and Kuhl Corner Day Care, Lake Mills

“There is no finish line for quality care and education”

Rob, Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help from you and Steve. You guys definantly set me up to be my best. I just wanted to tell you i went home and bowled 7 games tonight with the new ball. High game was a 201 which I had a 6 bagger at the end of the game. And over the 7 games had a 166 average. I am extatic about this and and gunna keep workin hard to get better and keep improving and working on the basic’s. Will definantly be doing more busniness with you guys. Thanks again.

Kevin Davies
Divine Savior Healthcare

Note:  This is Kevin’s first ball and he is just starting out!!!!  Pretty good!


I used my Taboo for the first time yesterday. I shot 560 so I think it is going to be a success-That ball is amazingJ-Have to learn how to shoot my spares with it better before I go to Reno…If it’s too severe I can always use my Vicious for the spares just to be on the safe side. The bag is great and my shoes will still need some more “breaking in” before Reno but I know they will be great also. I CANNOT thank you enough for all your help and getting my new things for me SO fast. You are the BEST!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Vicki Langteau


Just wanted to shoot you a quick note.   I finally got there!   833 tonight!   Once again thanks for your help with my game.

Andy Mieden

Richland Center

Dave Lehr on his 868 using his Ebonite Playmaker:

Thanks Rob.   Yeah, it sure did well for me. Everything was definitely “going my way”.  I was just thinking last week about bringing it out to your place for new inserts and possibly re-finishing. I will be in touch with you on that..  Dave

Hey Rob, that used Lane One ball (Red Death) I got used from you for $50+drilling and inserts paid off.  This is my 4th 800 series…it was an 815 series I had..WOOT!  The 800 Series was bowled on 01/20/2012 at Tolly’s Alleys.


Just wanted to let you know I had 793 tonight.  Started off 269 came back with 270 had first 6 last game then couldn’t carry the ten. Thanks again!

Andy Mieden

Susie:   I received a call today from Ann Cerniglia who was in the pro shop on Saturday and purchased a 14# Storm Anarchy.  She loves the ball and bowled a 579 series.  She said this is the best she has ever bowled.  She wanted to thank both Gregory and Rob for helping her choose a ball and working with her.  She is a very satisfied customer and will refer people to the shop!

Hi Rob

I just wanted to tell you how Todd and I were doing with our new balls.  I had 680 out of the box with 2 easy spares missed and a couple of splits, and 689 the next night.  Still getting over my grip change.  I am sure things will get better. As for Todd small 630-640 both nights still adjusting to setting it down and not throwing it out so far.  Thanks again and we are going to try to pick up our other balls Friday if that works for you.
Andy & Todd Mieden
Richland Center

Hello Rob,

It had been 16 years (since I bowled league) and thought that it might be time to try bowling again (started this Fall).  I have to tell you that you and your staff have been nothing but professional at what you do. I tried another pro shop in the area before I was told about your pro shop. They did a good job I had thought, but my thumb was ripping up after just three games.  I came to you, and now my thumb is in perfect shape, and the first time I bowled with my new balls I beat my avgerage by 100 pins. The next week I passed it by 125 pins for series.  I had games of 200-245-265, and only see good things ahead!  A “thank you” to you and your staff!  You have brought me back to loving the game again!

John Bushaw

Rob, the balls were a big success in their debut.  Cody shot 710 and Jordan shot 695.   Cody was able to get real deep like he use to and loved it. Same with Jordan.   Thanks again for taking care of my boys. Happy Holidays!

Craig Zirbel


Looks like you got exactly what I expected on the Lane Masters Buzz Attack for the fresh with 249 and the Motiv Primal Impulse 246 for later in a set.   Poor mental adjustments (hand position) in middle game cost me and 2 missed 10 pins.  670 out of the gate.  Both balls exactly what I expected for ball motion.  You laid them out and drilled them perfect!

Scott Starks

Hi Rob,

I came in the Saturday before Thanksgiving and bought the Hammer Taboo.
Bowled with it for the first time in league last night and rolled a 711.  That’s my first 700, ever!!
Thanks a lot!!  I’m sure the rest of my league will be coming in for balls soon.
Take care,
Jeff Schneider

Hey Rob,

Finally got to use the new ball last night, 680.  It works really well on the Lake.Geneva Lanes house shot.  I was about 4 boards left with my feet and had ample room to miss outside or inside a couple boards.  I think I only left 2 ten pins all night.  I came out of the ball well and couldn’t be any happier with OUR choice!  I’m sure I’ll be up to see you again.  Thanks much and I hope you enjoy the holiday season.

Ken Lindberg

Hi Rob,
The Marvel Pearl is continuing to do well and I’m liking it even more now that I’m getting used to it. Had 673 with it last night…ave. 220+ with it so far overall. Nice ball!
Scott Packel


(Darin’s son Trey)

Trey shot a solid 587 with the new ball.  It rolled very well at Village Lanes on their house shot.  When he rolled it like he should, the ball had a terrific reaction, and carried corners much better.  Thanks


Darin K. Powers

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for doing an excellent job of recommending and drilling my 2 new bowling balls. After being out of the sport since 1995, I had absolutely no idea what to get.You made the right call,I had my first 700 since 1995 on Monday with a 213, 215, and 279 for 707. I am throwing a lot more strikes than I ever have before. Thanks again !

Brett Rechek

Rechek’s Market, Beaver Dam

Hi Rob,

I wanted you to know what my season ended like.  I had seven 800 series (802,803,810,812,814,825) and the new house record at Sport Bowl with an 853.  I end up with three 300’s,  1-299,  1-298,  1-297 and 2 – 290’s. My high “end of the year” bowling averages included a 240 and a 237. Hope to see you soon.

                                                                               Thanks, Jestin Becker
 Note from Rob:  Maybe we should check with USBC to see how many have had a 300, 299, 298, and 297 in one year.  Looks like a small straight anyhow!

Hi Dave,
I wanted to thank you for the great help you gave me last year when I bought my new bowling ball from Rob Bailey’s Pro Shop.
A few weeks after I bought the ball I tore cartilage in my knee, which ended my season.  So, this season was really the first I was able to use the new ball and the tips you gave me.  It was—by far—the best season I’ve ever had.  We bowled this year in the Happy Hour Rollers League at Schwoeglers.  I ended up being the most improved bowler in the league (added 25.4 pins to my average) and had the high handicap series (842) in the league, and two 600 series nights back-to-back towards the end of the season.  My high game this year was 265.  I’ve never cracked 200 before this season!
The combination of the expertly fitted new ball plus all of the great advice you gave me made this a great season.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help.

After going for that 290 in the 2nd game on Wednesday night in the Dream Lanes 3-man, I got it right Thursday night with a 300 in the second game on 25-26 with the NPT Scorcher for $100 and struck out in all 3 games for another $9.

Dave Shaw drilled that ball at Rob’s. On the old wood China shot at Dream that ball is gangbusters. The guys will attest that ball carries the world on some really off hits. Holds pocket with that NPT cover without the over reaction off the dry. It has some moxy in the pocket faces up perfect and doesn’t ping 10’s like you can on a condition like that.

Jessi, Jeanne and I are tied for 5th in the team with 2295. They both bowled great!


Now that the season is over, thought I would tell you that I had one of my better years.  Started off struggling for the first 5-6 weeks but after getting the Mission I brought the average up 16 pins.  I had 10 games over 275 and sadly only one 300 out of all those games.  I really liked the drill pattern and the ball which I actually dulled down.  Which makes me look into possible the mission 250k for next year.
Darin Powers

Rob – just a quick note, I got a ball (Storm Anarchy) from you in late February, (won at city tourney) I love the ball never had one so easy to throw. I have used in league for 4 series and have had a 600, 691, 600, & 714.  I have never had 4 consecutive 600 series in my life! Thanks again!!

Jerry Schultz

Hey Rob,

I meant to email you earlier, but I wanted to thank you for the SMASH. Last Thursday I shot a 720. And the Thursday before I shot 689. I’ve been very excited so thank you very much.

Theresa (Pearson) Frosh


I don’t know if you had a chance to talk to Shaw about my complaint with my bowling ball grip but I thought I would email you about it. I bowled with Dave and Eric Pederson in the Henry Hitter this weekend. We went into the 4th game about 30 pins off the cut figuring a 700 game would get us into the match play. Dave did his part and posted a 279 game. I came up with a chance for a 269 game if I struck out. I had been throwing quite well with my Virtual gravity in the 3rd and 4th games (first two games stunk) I was focused when I threw my first ball in the 10th but mysteriously the ball did not flip as I expected. Then I noticed the ball was not my Virtual Gravity but my Agent. I picked up the single pin spare and finished with a 246. I was concentrating so much on my shot and my mechanics before I bowled that my ball type slipped my mind. My complaint is that your ball drilling is so accurate that I could not tell which ball I was throwing. Shaw and Pederson could not figure why I changed balls when I was locked in for 9 frames. After I told them what happened we had a good laugh. Of course this was after we shot 703 and made the cut.

Merry Christmas and keep up the good work.


Bill Kreitzman

Note from Rob:  We need to put pink grips in one of them so there is no way you can screw up!


Did you happen to catch the bowling scores from Friday night? I had a 633 series with my high game of 268!  My highest game prior was 267 so I beat that by one pin. I sure hope I can keep this up!
Theresa (Tennant) Holmes

First time out with my Mission 2.0 at Village Lanes:  246-254-247, 24 strikes!

Dave Massey

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know how well I have been bowling since purchasing the Storm Hy-Road in Fall, 2010.  You recommended this ball and all I can say is you helped turn my bowling game up a few notches!!  I was leaving some 10 pins and you made the adjustment with the extra hole and things started heating up after that.  Here are my latest 6 series, four of them from Kettle Moraine Bowl and two at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam: 782, 722, 760, 685, 726, and 792 (my personal best)!  My average had dipped to 2017 at Kettle Moraine Bowl, where normally I am around 214.  Since the addition of the Storm Hy-Road my average has jumped to 227.  My goal was 220 for the season.  Last week, after throwing the 792 set, I had several of the leagues top bowlers comment on my game and the ball.  I told them of your business and several knew your name…  I have never had a streak like this that I can remember.  What a ride it’s been!!!  Best part of last week’s 792 series was having my Dad there to see it.  I’ll never forget it.  Thanks again for setting me up with this ball and the exceptional customer service.

Sincerely, Doug Duernberger, Beaver Dam, Wi

Thanks for all of your pointers. You guaranteed me a 300 game in my lifetime and it came about a month after getting my new Ebonite Mission. Thanks so much!

Brian Donarski

Before the season started I heard about Rob and purchased my first ball from him. I found out that my whole arsenal was drilled wrong by my former pro shop. He fixed me up and right away I was seeing results. I was bowling okay but I knew I needed to build up my aresenal. I went down to Rob and we talked a bit about the reaction that I had and the reaction I knew I needed. After a few suggestions I purchased 2 new balls; an Ebonite Evolve and a Hammer Jigsaw. That weekend I had my local city tournament and did very well. My partner and I ended up taking 2nd in doubles and I took first in scratch singles, hadicapped singles, and handicapped all events! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am!   This was the highlight of my career so far!  Rob is so knowlegable and talented that if you want maximize results and score better you must let him drill a ball(s) for you.  I’ve been to many different shops over the years and none has even come close to the service you get with Rob!

Thanks for everything,
Mike Monheim


Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service.  You recommended a great ball with the perfect fit!  I already see much more potential in my game.  I appreciate your tips and directions very much.  Thanks again for a great experience!


Susan Serrault

Hi Rob,

The past couple years I’ve been averaging around the 150’s and 160s without ever having a 600 series or a 200 game (I think my high was 198).  Then this year I decided it was time to get a new ball.  I had heard your name from a few others and how helpful you are with making sure people get the ball that’s best for them.  A week before league started I came in to find my new weapon. You watched me bowl with my old ball to see my delivery and ball reaction. After a few recommendations I decided to go with the Storm Second Dimension.  I have to say that I love this ball!  It has the perfect amount of reaction for my throw.  It’s not overly aggressive to where I can’t control it but has the power to hit the pocket with impressive force. In combination of my new ball and with your very helpful tips on my delivery, I am now averaging in the 180s and have had 14 games over 200!   I can’t believe the improvement!   I have also now have four 600 series, my high being a 643, and just two weeks ago I had my all-time high game of 267! The change is amazing, and in just a few short months. I plan on getting a second ball with you before next season.

Last night, I brought my fiancee’ to the shop.  He has not been in a league before this year.  This is his first ball (a great birthday present idea by the way!).  We got him the Columbia Bedlam (drilled by Dave).  Looks sharp!  I have to admit I’m having a little ball envy.  I think it was huge for him to have someone professional watch his delivery, give him some tips, and let him know that he’s actually delivering quite well. He’s very excited to bowl league after last night.  I’ll keep you posted on how he does. Thanks again for all your help and expertise. I recommend your service to everyone I hear talking about getting new equipment. It has definitely made a huge difference for this “average Jane” bowler.  My next goal…get my average up to 200 🙂

Theresa Tennant


Tried Red Death at Baraboo Monday night, inauspicious start (my fault). Almost didn’t take it to the Dells last night–thought it would break too hard. Glad I did!!! Had 300 second game. Had 738 series which is OK, but it’s the first one in the last 11 weeks. Had five 7’s in the first 11 weeks until they had the oil/oiler problems. I give the ball credit, it really hits the pins hard.

Thanks for a GREAT drilling.

Dave Daley

The Morich Frenzy ball finally is paying off. 300-278-192 for 770 (my highest series of the year and my 3rd 300) Tuesday night in our Dream Lanes Senior Classic League!

Jim Capener

Used the pin down Nomad Solid!

Richgel’s blog:  One score of note from the weekend was Scott Starks’ 800 (299-255-246) using a Roto-Grip Nomad Solid on Saturday in the Monona Home Talent Doubles Tournament at Village Lanes. Randy Rivers added 648 and the duo added 126 pins handicap for a 1,574 total that moved them into third place.

Scott Starks

Rob, On the Mutant Cell,
Out of the box…267-207-268=742.  Love that village lane shot!  Trying it again today, last shift of the Monona Home Talent tourney.  Thanks for the quick drill job, nice work.
Following email:
Wow again!  278-201-288-767
Dave Massey

Hi Rob,
I wanted to say thank you again for you help with the ball and the fitting.  Last night I shot league with the ball (Track 505A) and first shift I shot a 728 with a 288 game.  I ran the first 10, then when everyone got quiet in the middle of my back swing I missed a little inside.  In the second set I had a 620.  By the end of the night the ball was little strong for the lanes but I think with just a little more practice I’ll be in excellent shape.  The spare ball feels wonderful I only had two opens all night.  One was due to just getting use to the spare ball and one was a wash out and the head pin deflected instead of driving through like it was suppose to.  So thank you very much.  The equipment feel fantastic and has already helped my game immensely.
Theresa Pearson

Recently I made a trip out to Rob Baileys pro shop and Lanes to purchase a new bowling ball.  My PBA experience league switched oil patterns to the “chameleon” pattern.  The first week of bowling on this pattern I had a difficult time matching up my equipment to bowl on this pattern.  I struggled to barely get over a 500 series.  I went out to Rob’s and explained this to him.  Rob considered many bowling ball choices but first decided to observe the ball reaction of one of my current bowling balls.  After watching me throw several shots on his lanes he decided that my bowling ball reaction was not reading the midlane early enough.  Rob was able to drill an extra hole into this bowling ball creating an earlier roll which smoothed out the roll from the midlane through back end.  The next night out on the same PBA pattern I shot 605 using that same ball all three games.  That was my high series of the year in this league.  I have been a customer of Robs for several years.  This is a great example of why I keep traveling the extra distance to go back out there.  Rob and his staff are experts in the knowledge of todays bowling equipment and bowling ball drilling.  As far as customer service?  Well, all I can say is I went out there expecting to spend a lot of money and I walked out completely satisfied without spending a dime.  Rob and his staff are truly interested in finding the best fit for the bowler and not making top profit at every opportunity.  I would recommend Rob Baileys Pro shop and Lanes to anyone interested in purchasing new bowling equipment.


-Shawn Mitchell

The 11th Frame: Laemmrich sets MBA season high with 822

Pat Laemmrich rolled an 822 series to set a new Madison Bowling Association season high and highlight area bowling Tuesday.

Competing in the NFL League at Prairie Lanes, Laemmrich rolled games of 258, 286 and 278, boosting his average to an astounding 250 after six weeks in his only league.

“I really don’t know what got into me this year so far, but I am over my head a bit,” Laemmrich quipped in a Facebook message. “I know it’s a house shot but I am making it fun. I’ll come back to reality eventually.”

Laemmrich said he used a Morich Awesome Finish ball.


The lanes were right for the Motive GT1. I rolled a 234 – 234 and a 258. Messing up my triplicate but solidifying my first 726 series. This is my first 700 series EVER!

Thanks for making that ball work for me.

Don Podgorski

May 6, 2009

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that you “lied” to me when you sold me my Storm Double Agent bowling ball on January 31st of this year.  I came to you looking for a ball that would just hook a little bit to give me some better pin action since I’ve never bowled with a hook before.  You recommended the Double Agent would be perfect for my skill level and “promised” me that my average would increase “20 pins”.  My current average was 147.  Well the first week after getting that ball, I bowled a 531 series – an average of 177/game.  Clearly, that’s more than the promised 20 pins I was looking for.  I think that was the first 500 series I had ever thrown as well.  Then I followed it up with series of 562, 605, 565, and 597.  Yes, my first 600 series!  Suddenly I’m bowling 200 games every week, when I used to bowl a 200 pin game maybe once a year.  I ended up the season with all but one series above 500 and an average of 184, since getting my new ball, almost 40 pins over my old average, much more that the 20 pins that you promised!  Unbelievable!

All kidding aside, I can’t thank you enough for assessing what I needed, and finding a ball that would work for my ability to get the results that I was looking for.  This ball certainly has accomplished that.  Because of you, I was “made” to go to the State Bowling tournament this year (my first time).  I guess I can forgive you for only promising me a 20 pin increase.

Oh, one more thing.  When I came in I told you that I was not striving to be a 200 average bowler.  I just wanted to up my average a little bit and to not buy as many beer frames.  I hate to say this, but this is one area where the ball falls short.  It looks like I may be approaching that 200 average, and I still buy just as many beer frames!  How come this ball doesn’t work in the 5th frame?

Thanks again for all your help.  I would definitely recommend you to others and will be back again when it’s time to increase my average another 20 pins!

Kevin Braun

Answer from Rob an the 5th (beer) frame.  “Tell your ball it is only the fourth frame, or maybe the 6th frame.  If that doesn’t work, try leaving a 10 or 4 pin on purpose!  That’s harder to do that getting a strike!”

Hi Rob & Greg,
I just wanted you to know I love the Roto Grip SD73 I got from you.  It’s what Ive been looking for.  It’s also the best drilled ball I ever had, it’s very comfortable.  I’m also thinking of having my Storm Special Agent re-drilled and polished for really dry conditions.
Thanks Again,
Alan Schmitz




I have to thank you for the time you spent with me getting my Rotogrip Cell to work for me.  The newly polished ball totally works better for the conditions and the new hand position you told me to try has given my game new life even with my older balls.  I’ve been struggling this year to shoot upper 6’s and 7’s but last week I shot a 676 on Thursday and a 714 on Saturday night.  These were my two best series of the year so far and now my confidence is soaring because of the way the ball reacts off my hand it feels like no matter what I do it’s going to find the pocket.  People deserve to know the amount of customer service they get when the get a ball through you.  It was the best money I’ve spent on a ball even though I only use it on specific conditions.  Thanks again for the advice!  I can’t wait to come back and get a few more pointers some time to really bring my game to the next level!


Thanks a bunch,

Stuart Wakeman

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to write a short note thanking you for telling Lee Schoenfeld that you had a ball for me!!  Even though I wasn’t necessarily loking to buy at the time, I am glad I did! Two weeks after getting the Storm XXX Factor Extreme, I shot my third lifetime 300 game and a 752 series at Tower Lanes in Beaver Dam!  I had been struggling this year, and this ball has made a big difference for me. It is a nice compliment to my Track The Rising ball I purchased from you last year. In fact,  Lee and I have a friend who is going to be calling on you soon to see you about helping him with his bowling equipment. Once again, thank you for your help!

Ross Heidemann

note:  Ross throws a full-roller and gets a lot of backend with this new drilling.

Hi Rob,

You won’t believe it, but in my first series I bowled a 763 series (225-259-279) with my new ball (Roto Grip Cell), my highest series ever! Luckily my Sunday house had a good deal of oil on the lanes. The ball was amazing, and it carried everything (I gotta admit I threw a few not so wonderful shots that still carried and found the pocket and hit hard).  I pulled it out last night at Badger Bowl and bowled a 237 the first game until the oil disappeared. I still used it the last 2 games, but couldn’t control it due to the dryness (still managed a small 600 though).  So far I absolutely love it! Thanks for the wonderful job, and I’ll probably be bringing in my Xfactor to be re-drilled one of these days.

Thanks again, Dave Helmers

Hi Rob,

The past couple years I’ve been averaging around the 150’s and 160s without ever having a 600 series or a 200 game (I think my high was 198).  Then this year I decided it was time to get a new ball.  I had heard your name from a few others and how helpful you are with making sure people get the ball that’s best for them.  A week before league started I came in to find my new weapon. You watched me bowl with my old ball to see my delivery and ball reaction. After a few recommendations I decided to go with the Storm Second Dimension.  I have to say that I love this ball!  It has the perfect amount of reaction for my throw.  It’s not overly aggressive to where I can’t control it but has the power to hit the pocket with impressive force. In combination of my new ball and with your very helpful tips on my delivery, I am now averaging in the 180s and have had 14 games over 200!  I can’t believe the improvement!  I have also now have four 600 series, my high being a 643, and just two weeks ago I had my all-time high game of 267! The change is amazing in just a few short months. I plan on getting a second ball with you before next season.

Last night, I brought my fiancee’ to the shop.  He has not been on a league before this year.  This would be his first ball (a great birthday present idea by the way!).  We got him the Columbia Bedlam.  Looks sharp!  I have to admit I’m having a little ball envy.  I think it was huge for him to have someone professional watch his delivery, give him some tips, and let him know that he’s actually delivering quite well. He’s very excited to bowl league after last night.  I’ll keep you posted on how he does.

Thanks again for all your help and expertise. I recommend your service to everyone I hear talking about getting new equipment. It has definitely made a huge difference for this “average Jane” bowler.  My next goal…get my average up to 200 🙂

Theresa Tennant

Hello Rob,
I thought I would send you a note telling you how great my balls worked yesterday. I had no skin issues and the balls came off my hand clean all day.
The new Virtual Gravity is awesome!, all it wants to do is CARRY! Thanks for your help!
I will see you Tuesday.
Bud Frye

Note:  Bud’s Team won the Henry Hitter tournament and Bud shot 276 in the final match to propel his team to victory!

Rob,  I wanted to give you an update since I bowled really well Friday night.  I am consistently improving.  My average before the new ball was about 104.  Friday I bowled 121, 151, 161; my best series ever.  Thanks again for all your help when I got my new ball.  I plan to keep improving so I can come back next year for a 4 step approach lesson!
Sarah Held

I just wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the exceptional customer service I received last night.  I learned a lot about my “shot” and how you were able to find and fit a ball to my style of bowling.  You have a great team out there and I will recommend you to anyone I know who is in the market for a change of equipment.  Your setup out there is simply 1st class!
Thanks again for delivering customer service that is simply “Over The Top”.
Allen M. Benson

Hello Rob,
I have been meaning to get in touch with you to let you know how happy I have been with my bowling equipment that I purchased from you. I have been raising my average just about every week now. It took a short while to get used to the wrist support (STRIKER) , but it works pretty good now. I have had several good counts of 680, 681, 660, 641, and a few 630’s. I believe my game has picked up a good pace. At this time of year it takes even more good counts to raise the average with the poor start I had.   But, none the less, I am very pleased with my progress. I tell every that is questioning their bowling equipment to go and see you!

Thanks Again,
(PS: Char informed me the next day that she started with the first 9 in a row!)

After watching me bowl a couple of times, Rob noticed that I was dropping the ball quite a bit. He suggested a small change to my thumb hole and in the next few weeks I bowled a 290 game, had the first 10 for a 279, and had a 701 and a 719 series.
Rob is meticulous and takes the time to ensure that all of your bowling balls fit and feel the same. That is such an important concept for today’s bowler when being able to change balls during a game may be necessary.
Carolyn Stittleburg

(a letter from Mike Christian right after he threw a 813 with a perfect game):
Hi Rob,
I’m really liking the Shift! I had 31 out of 35 possible strikes, one bad shot in the the 3rd frame, first game, wash-out, converted, 4 pesky 7 pins along the way.
Doing well with the T-Road solid also. I use it most Monday nights. Started out a little slow on Mondays but it’s coming around pretty well. Just the last three weeks I’m averaging right at 230. Nothing huge for scores, just real consistent.
Also I had a 803 with the T-Road on Monday!

Note: Mike shot 823 2 weeks later! For my lefty customers, Mike is left handed.


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